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Scott Rockafellow, founder and president, has an MBA from North Carolina Central University and a BA from
Gettysburg College with a concentration in Accounting and Finance. He has over 20 years of small business management experience. Scott started his career as an office manager for an ice cream distributor in New Jersey. After a move to New Hampshire, he started as a sales professional for a small giftware company and quickly moved up into the role of National Sales Manager. He spent the next five years working in National Sales management positions and eventually taking an ownership position in a North Carolina based giftware company.

Scott worked an additional 12 years as a General Business Counselor, Assistant Center Director, and Lead Counselor Trainer with the North Carolina Small Business and Technology Center (SBTDC). His primary responsibilities included counseling small business owner in all aspects of business ownership and management, teaching a Business Planning course four times a year and training counselors. 


Scott was recognized for his services to small businesses with the SBTDC Executive Director Award for exemplary service.  He holds a Leadership Enhancement and Development certificate from the SBTDC and an Economic Development Finance Certificate from the National Development Council.

Scott and I often poured over profit and loss statements and he made suggestions about spending, hiring, marketing and every other aspect of our business except recipes. He did a good job of helping me understand how business is supposed to work.

Bob Huneycutt

Akai Hana, Carrboro