Scott Rockafellow, founder and president, has an MBA from North Carolina Central University and has over 20 years experience.


Granite Beach Small Business Management is a fractional management company assisting small and mid-sized businesses. Granite Beach works on a part-time basis to assist owners on managing and growing their businesses. We fill one of your management positions for a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost.

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Fractional management is filling one of your management positions by someone who does not spend 100% of their time with your business. 


Because Scott understands business and finance so well, and he can explain it in simple terms, he has been an excellent resource for me as an entrepreneur. Scott’s characteristic answer to crises is firm action.

Bob Huneycutt

Akai Hana, Carrboro

Granite Beach works with various small and mid-sized businesses. See a partial list of the clients we are currently working with.